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How to turn OS X in OS X Yosemite El Capitan right now

It’s no secret that the new version of OS X, El Capitan, providing “the MacOS users” various improvements in terms of functionality, convenience of use and performance, based on current OS X Yosemite. The platform will retain the same interface design, having received a number of improvements “under the hood”.

The final release of OS X El Capitan will take place only four months after the start of the test this fall. But OS X Yosemite users can now receive on their devices the operating system, close to the new version of OS X. just download a new Wallpaper El Capitan, install the font and use the software. About how to do later in this article.

Download Wallpaper OS X El Capitan

To download the final version of OS X El Capitan will be in October after the completion of testing. Those who are not willing to risk my Mac, installing early builds of OS X, can decorate computer branded desktop Wallpaper. Image in original resolution available for download at this link.

To install a new font San Francisco

Specifically for their devices, Apple has created a new font. It’s called San Francisco and has nine design options with different saturation. Now the font is only used on a smart watch and a keyboard 12-inch MacBook, but with the release of iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 will also appear on iPhone, iPad and Mac. MacDigger offers’t wait for the new releases and establish San Francisco as the system font on the Mac right now. Instruction can benefit everyone.

To move the Snapping function

In OS X El Capitan has a function of Snap, similar to that available in the operating systems of Windows, the system offers a quick way to resize open Windows simply by dragging them to the edges of the screen. Utilities BetterSnapTool and Snap allow you to do the same thing on earlier versions of Mac OS. Applications can be downloaded at this and this links respectively.

To improve search Spotlight

Spotlight search tool built into OS X, much smarter with the release of OS X El Capitan. Apple has worked on improving search technology: now she not only can find various documents based on content, tags, or other such information, but also understands queries written “human language”. Spotlight can be asked to display documents created in the last month, check the weather for tomorrow, need to show video from popular web services or current account in a football match.

App Flashlight allows you to extend the capabilities of Spotlight, adding a search weather animations, support service Wolfram Alpha, who understands the requests for “humanized” language, and a number of other special functions. Download the program from GitHub repository.

To use the features of Safari from El Capitan

The Safari browser in addition to the mechanisms of bookmarks and Top Sites have got the opportunity to work with the most often used websites. If using the mouse to drag the tab of such a site in the far left position, it there to get fixed, and the size of the tab title will be reduced to the size of favicon. In addition, Safari has a possibility of turning off the sound web pages and streaming videos on the external screen immediately in fullscreen mode. The first two functions can be obtained in Google Chrome, third – installing the app Beamer.

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