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How to turn off preview notifications in iOS 11

In iOS 11 have the opportunity to completely disable the preview notification from all apps. Here’s how to do it:

First, you should open settings, then go to the tab “Notifications” and click on “Show thumbnails”. Here are three options: “Always”, “If unlocked” and “Never”.

“Always” — this option is enabled by default. Suitable for people who rarely personal information in applications such as “Mail” or “Messages”. And the function “Raise to activate” (automatically switches the screen of the iPhone, every time the user takes the smartphone in his hand and tips on yourself) will help view notifications without pressing any buttons.

“Never” — censors all notifications, just showing the name of the application which received the message, and the words “notice” instead of any details. This applies to the iPhone locked and unlocked. Feature ideal for people who are worried that someone behind will read their personal information. Unfortunately, not very useful if you typed a password because there are no barriers to simply click on the alert and learn more.

“If unlocked” is probably the best option for privacy. Hiding information from the notifications on the lock screen and shows it when unlocked.

11 iOS version of the iOS operating system of Apple. It was presented at the worldwide developers conference of the company on 5 June 2017.

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