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How to turn off “Important places” in macOS High Sierra

MacOS High Sierra has a new feature tracking the geolocation of the user. A way to disable this option, Apple carefully concealed, putting the item away in the settings menu.

This feature is called “Significant places”. It allows the Mac to store to user locations. These data will be used in Maps, Calendar, Photos and other programs.

Disabling “Significant places” involves making changes in settings of security and privacy system. Therefore, you will need administrator rights.

To disable this option in macOS High Sierra in the following way.

Step 1. Open System preferences and go to “Protection and security”. In the left corner click on the lock and enter the administrator password when prompted.
Step 2. Then go to the tab “location Services”. Select “Privacy” and sub-item “System services”. It should click on the “read More”.
Step 3. Inside is the option “Important places”. Remove the tick to disable it.

If the user needs to leave this “feature” and need to know when it is active, you can display the geolocation icon in the status bar. It is sufficient to establish a tick on the “Show geolocation icon in the menu bar when system services request your location”. This means that the user will see the icon when any of the five system services use location data.

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