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How to turn iOS 8 to iOS 9 right now

June 8 at WWDC Apple announced that iOS 9 is the next version of the operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. A new release of the software platform contains a host of innovations and differs from its predecessor not only functionality, but also certain aspects of the user interface.

The ninth version of the mobile platform Apple should come out a year after the release of iOS 8 this fall. However, until that time, users of the “eight” can reproduce the functionality of the new system without having to install. It is sufficient to use multiple software solutions to third-party developers. About them and will be discussed in this article.

New Wallpapers from iOS 9

Download final version of iOS 9 will be available in September after the completion of testing. Those who are not ready to risk your iPhone, iPad and Mac, installing early builds of the OS, can decorate your smartphone, tablet or computer branded desktop Wallpaper. Image in original resolution available for download at this link.

New San Francisco font

It is no secret that especially for their gadgets, Apple has created a new font. It’s called San Francisco and has nine design options with different saturation. Currently the font is only used on a smart watch and a keyboard 12-inch MacBook, but with the release of iOS 9 will also appear on iPhone and iPad. MacDigger offers’t wait for the new releases and establish San Francisco as a system font on smartphones and tablets right now. Instruction can benefit everyone, although the procedure involves performing a series of unusual steps, as well as the presence on the device jailbreak.

Multiwindow mode, picture-in-picture, lowercase letters on the keyboard

One of the sections iOS 9, which has undergone changes – the multitasking panel. As you know, up to this point gadgety not allowed to work simultaneously with multiple applications that, in some situations, it may be very convenient. Developer Elijah Frederick at the time, decided that the owners of Apple gadgets will be happy to get this opportunity and released a tweak ReachApp for iPhone and iPad.

VideoPane, in turn, plays on iPhone and iPad picture-in-picture, allowing you to view video anywhere on the screen with other applications. This eliminates the need to close and restart videos when surfing the web or reading mail. The corresponding feature became available on the iPad in iOS 9.

Presented last year tweak ShowCase adds lowercase letters to the iOS keyboard depending on the Shift key. Implemented in Apple’s new platform.

Power-saving mode, settings search, improved work with text

BattSaver tweak from French programmer Xvolks, known for the development of the jailbreak tool Absinthe. Using the most recent advances in the management of internal processes of the operating system, the hacker has created an add-in that allows to significantly increase the battery life of the iPhone and iPad. In iOS 9 implemented a power saving mode. The technology is able to add 3 hours to standard time using the iPhone.

Introduced in early 2014 as a concept designer Daniel Hooper, and then realized in the form of a tweak SwipeSelection function, makes it easier and faster to move the cursor over typed text, as well as easier to select the desired part to be copied to the clipboard. The idea is reflected in the new keyboard for iPad iOS 9. When you use two fingers it can turn into a trackpad, which you can use to move the cursor. In addition, it has added new buttons – copy, paste, attach, add photo and cut.

The jailbreak tweak SearchSettings useful for those who often comes to operating system settings. SearchSettings allows you to quickly find the required options using the search bar. In iOS 9 this feature is implemented at the operating system level.

Rounded buttons and cards in the multitasking window

The idea may not seem so obvious, but tweaks RoundedSwitcherCards and Cornered allow us to make a card multitasking panel and buttons are rounded, as in iOS 9. In “the nine” Apple, as you know, not only changed the way of displaying some of the interface elements, but made them rounded. To install RoundedSwitcherCards need to add in Cydia a separate repository

Send by mail more than five photos

Thanks to the tweak Mail More Photos for iPhone can be sent by post an unlimited number of images. Of course, this raises the question of the size of attached images, as many mail services do not accept letters that exceed the established limits. And here the advantage is on the informal side of the. The developers of the tweak has added an additional option, through which you can determine the total size of attached photos. The attachment size is counted in the top line of the main window of the Library.

Return to previous app

In iOS 9 Apple borrowed another conquest jailbreak – function return to the previous app. Now, when you switch from one task to another in the top left corner there is a button “Go back”. A similar function can be implemented using the tweak LastApp.

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