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How to turn Android smartphone into a iPhone 6s for 65 rubles

Remembered but literally “live” screen saver with the Apple Watch dials with moving butterflies, jellyfish and flowers. Similar Wallpaper for iPhone 6s. The animation belongs to the same family as the dials Motion, which are demonstrated on the screens of “smart” hours from Apple, and the user has discretion to select a screen saver.

For the flagship iPhone in Cupertino has created a separate set of “live” Wallpaper from the series of animated fish, finishing with colored smoke. Update from the field decorations is available only to owners of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Solution Apple Wallpaper is available only for owners of devices with Touch displays, 3D.

The developers of the company Kision Lab decided that if you move live Wallpapers to the Android device, it will turn into a iPhone. Than not the bait for commercial applications. Leave on their conscience their marketing approaches and consider more directly the product. The app in question is called Betta Fish 3D. With it, owners not even most new Android devices can install attractive live Wallpaper with a fish tail on the screen of your smartphone. And, no need to even Touch 3D display: fish swims with a normal tap of the screen.

As you can see from the screenshots, the live Wallpaper is literally copied from the iPhone screen. Among the advantages Betta Fish 3D on the decision of Apple developers call the ability to change colors, background and the animation of the animal, as well as set a fish as a background image on the desktop. On Apple devices it is known, floats only on the lock screen.

Convert your Android smartphone into an iPhone 6s offered in just 65 rubles. It is in the money rate developers your app.

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