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How to turn an ordinary Apple Watch Apple Watch Apple Watch Hermès or Nike+

If you are not able to afford the Apple Watch in a special edition Hermes, do not despair. You can transfer the brand dials, available in an exclusive series of “smart” watches, Hermes and Nike+ on any model of the Apple Watch.

Apple started selling the smart watch Apple Watch from the collection of the fashion house Hermes in September last year. In this range the standard design of “smart” hours combined with special dials and leather straps. In Russia the cost of these watches starts from 90 990 rubles. With regard to line of Nike+, it sports a special series of timepieces with a unique series of straps and screensavers. The price of the models starts with a mark of 30 990 rubles.

In order to turn an ordinary Apple Watch Apple Watch Apple Watch Hermès or Nike+, it is enough to install a special iPhone jailbreak tweak.

How to set the dials Hermes and Nike+ on any Apple Watch

Step 1: On your iPhone running iOS 10 jailbreak launch Cydia and wait for packages to download. Go to the tab “Sources”.

Step 2: Click “Edit” and then select the Add (“Add”). A window will appear Enter Cydia/APT URL, where you have to insert a link to the source:

Step 3: Click on “Add source”. Cydia will refresh and confirm you have added the repository.

Step 4: Locate the package SpecialFaces and install it.

Step 5: If necessary, restart iPhone. Then start the app, Watch and select the “Dials” at the bottom of the screen.

Step 6: from the available options will appear on the dials of Nike and Hermes. You can choose one of them and add to the Apple Watch in the usual way.

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This is quite a simple method to diversify the options for the design of smart watches. But there are limitations. The Apple Watch can automatically check for suitable dials when rebooting or switching to the edit mode, which Nike and Hermes will not be available until you again do not add them manually.

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