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How to turn a Mac into a hotspot Wi-Fi

OS X El Capitan is not the first operating system by Apple that allows you to turn any computer with a wifi chip and Internet access point and Wi-Fi. However, the necessary steps in each OS change slightly, and that’s how this process looks in OS X El Capitan.

If you want to make an access point Wi-Fi with minimal effort, simply go to settings General access. An alternative in the form of Terminal commands are likely to be interested not many “MacOS users”.

How to turn a Mac into a hotspot Wi-Fi

Step 1: Open “System preferences” and go to “sharing”.

Step 2: Select “Internet sharing” in the left pane, and then in the drop-down list of “Common connection”, specify the Ethernet. If you have a new MacBook, item can be called “Thunderbolt Ethernet”.

Step 3: Go to window “To computers using:” and check the box next to Wi-Fi.

Step 4: Click “Wi-Fi Settings”.

Step 5: Enter the wireless network name and select from the drop down menu “Security” item “WPA2 Personal”. Enter the password for your wireless network and click OK.

Step 6: check the box next to “Internet sharing” on the left.

A warning message will appear: “are you sure You really want to turn on sharing on the Internet. If your computer is connected to the network, enable the Internet sharing may affect the network settings of other computers and disrupt the network. Contact your system administrator before enabling the Internet sharing”.

In fact, in the access point settings in OS X is no big deal, agree, clicking on “Insert”.

To configure the access point Wi-Fi on your Mac, you can use any Internet connection, including USB dongles, Bluetooth dongles or iPhone. During the sharing settings only need to choose these options in the “share your connection from” and “To computers using”.

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