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How to transfer photos from iPhone camera or memory card to the Photos app on the Mac

If you are a happy owner of a Mac, and on your mobile devices, camera or memory cards have accumulated a sufficient number of pictures you want to put in order, then you would need instruction on how to import images into the Photos app for OS X.

The process of copying images is extremely simple: you just need to review the images and select which ones to import in a regular camera app from Apple.

1. Connect digital camera, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or memory card to your Mac.

2. Open the Photos app (it should start automatically, if you have not disabled the AutoPlay function).

3. Go to the Import tab, browse and select the images that you want to copy, and then select one of the following:

  • Import. selected will be copied only those images that thumbnails you have selected.
  • Import new — from a connected media to import only new pictures.

4. Find copied photos in the Photos app.

The process of transferring images can take some time. It depends on the number of imported files, their size and data rate through USB.

Note that if you copy images from an external device always need to switch to the Import tab in the Photos app. Here you’ll discover the connected devices that contain the necessary files.

After importing files on your computer, you can clear the memory card or delete all images from your iPhone or iPad, to make room for new frames.

Please note that this manual applies to transfer photos to Mac directly from the external device. If you already have images from other apps and stored on the hard drive of your computer, then you can also copy these files to your Photos without using third-party devices or memory cards.

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