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How to transfer Apple Watch in DFU mode

Like any other mobile device, Apple Watch may experience a system error. In case of any problems, you must perform a full restore of the operating system watchOS. But this is not so easy, so users have to contact service if problems occur that cannot be solved with a system reset.

Smart watches are deprived of the Lightning connector, but the rear strap has a 6-pin diagnostic port, which is used by specialists in the service center. Using the iBus adapter you can connect your Apple Watch to computer with iTunes and restore the OS. The price of the key for the first generation Apple Watch is $100, for the second generation — $120.

Apple does not provide access recovery files. So you’ll have to download the appropriate firmware files from third-party sources.

To restore the operating system on the device or to downgrade to an earlier firmware version, you need to put Apple Watch into DFU mode. About how to do this later in our tutorial.

Step 1: Disconnect the strap in the lower part of the body of the Apple Watch.

Step 2: Place the needle into the port opening. To press on the needle, like when you open the tray SIM-card is not necessary. Instead, gently push down, tilt to the side and pry the lid.

Step 3: connect the iBus to the diagnostic port.

Step 4: go To the other side of the iBus attach the Lightning cable, then connect it to your computer. Start iTunes.

Step 5: Turn on your Apple Watch and wait for the download device.

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Step 6: Press and hold the scroll wheel Digital Crown and side button for 10 seconds. Then release the side button, but keep holding the jog wheel until the screen appears the message about the transition into DFU mode.

Unlike the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in DFU mode, there will be prompted to select the firmware file watchOS (.IPSW) to restore.


It should be noted that carrying out any software installations via the diagnostic port will lead to loss of warranty and may impair the water-resistance.

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