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How to temporarily turn off Face ID

Face ID is convenient but not the safest way to unlock iPhone X. fortunately, the scanner can be temporarily disabled in case someone tries to access the new iPhone.

How to block Face ID

In order to do this, you have to simultaneously press the button volume up button volume down and the button on the side.

Craig Federighi, senior Vice President of worldwide software development, gave a tip: to quickly lock Face ID, you need to clasp his hand the upper part of the smartphone and squeeze it. Thus, all three buttons are pressed at once.

The method is useful if an iPhone user X is in a situation where someone can force you to unlock phone with Face ID.

How to temporarily turn off Face ID menu SOS

This method, which works on iPhone 8, should work on iPhone X. To call the SOS menu must quickly press the side button of iPhone five times, then click on “Cancel”. After done action Face ID must be switched off.

Face ID is a new way of unlocking iPhone. It replaces the usual Touch ID, which was embedded in the Home button. Face ID is available on iPhone X, to unlock the device you just need to bring it to his face.

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