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How to take a screenshot of the entire correspondence in the messenger or the site entirely on iOS and Android

Sometimes, mobile users may need to take a screenshot of the entire page of the application or website, and not only its visible part. This will help specialized tools from third-party developers.

Perhaps you had to record the screen content, for example, to keep the conversation in the messenger as a whole or to assess the design of the application/site and layout. For this there are several possibilities, but it’s best to use one of the apps that help you easily get the result.

MacDigger offers two useful tools available in the App Store and Google Play.


To capture screenshot on iPhone you need to enter download the app called Tailor. It works surprisingly intellectually. You just need to make some screenshots, sequentially scrolling through the essential piece of the screen, and then start Tailor. The program automatically synchronized with the latest screenshots and combine them into one large picture scrollable.

Tailor the app is completely free and available at this link.


Utility from Google Play under the name Stitch & Share is running around the house as well. Consistently create some screenshots and open the program: the utility will automatically combine them into a single image. Among other things, Stitch & Share allows you to hide part of the screenshot and share the picture in social networks.

Download Stitch & Share is available for free on this page.

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