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How to tag people on photos in iOS 11

IOS users 11 might have already to evaluate the updated features of the Face and Memories in the Photos app. The algorithm of face recognition has improved significantly, but the way of adding new people to the images has changed.

Open the album “People” and you will see that is missing the button to add new faces. But not to worry – as before you can tag your friend to photos.

How to add new faces in iOS 11

Thanks to machine learning iOS is much better to recognize people, objects, and areas, respectively, improved the function “Memories”. However, in the beta version of iOS 11 gone is the ability to add new individuals directly through the album.

To note user the photo is as follows. To begin, navigate to the Photos app and open the photo with the right person. Swipe upwards. Under the photo you will see thumbnails of all the images with this person and a few memories. Just click on the person you want to add, and you will be taken to its page where you can specify the name and confirm affiliation to other pictures.

This is all that is required of you. At first it may seem that everything has become a little confusing, actually this method is much simpler and more effective as few will move to a private album and from there add people.

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