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How to speed up charging iPhone 3 ways that really work

The process of charging the iPhone shrouded in mystery, although most of us charge the device every day. For example, why the smartphone is charged quickly, if you connect it to the MacBook, but slowly if you are using Windows PC or adapter for Android smartphones?

In any case, although the iPhone is being charged not too long, the speed of charging it is seriously lagging behind on Android mobile phones, which almost all polls are equipped with ultra-fast charging. But all is not lost! iPhone also can charge faster. Below are three tips from Delfi that work.

Tip number one has long been used by many, but we believe that there are still people who do not know about that iPhone charges much faster if you turn it off or at least switch to “airplane mode” from settings or control center.

Of course, in this state, to use it will not work, however if you an hour before leaving the house they realized that the iPhone battery whistling wind, it makes sense to turn it off completely and try to get all the “extra” energy is possible.

The second piece of advicethat just works — go to settings, battery and enable “power saving Mode”. His huge plus is that when the battery is filled to 80%, this mode will turn off automatically. And before that, the iPhone will charge faster.

The third Council, which will require some expenditure, but it also works to use the power adapter from the iPad. It is designed to give current and power power 12 watts (10 watts in the old iPad) and 2.4 A, whereas the charging standard the iPhone is only capable of 5 watts or 1A. And don’t worry, Apple has officially confirmed that it’s perfectly safe.

Using a combination of first and third or second and third methods usually speeds up charging your iPhone about 50%. The iPhone 7 Plus will not charge over the three and two hours.

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