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How to solve the problem of spontaneous reboots iPhone and iPad after installing the jailbreak

Last month, Chinese hackers have released a jailbreak for iOS 9.3.2-9.3.3, which is available for all Apple devices with 64-bit processors. In General, the devices after the installation of the jailbreak is stable, but there are also some problems. For example, users are faced with spontaneous reboots of the iPhone at night.

Such a bug does not seem a big problem, but when you consider that Apple have to reinstall after each reboot, it can really be annoying.

If the problem of rebooting a jailbroken iPhone you also touched on, we can tell you that the solution is already there.

Step 1: After installing the jailbreak, locate the Cydia app and launch it. Of course, you should first verify that you are in jailbreak mode.

Step 2: Go to the Source tab.

Step 3: Add the following repository:

Step 4: After that, restart data in Cydia.

Step 5: Find attached the repository and open it to view the content. Scroll down until until you find the package “iOS 9 Reboot Fix”. To do this, you can also use the built-in search.

Step 6: Install the jailbreak package and execute the election of choice! if you need it.

Install “iOS 9 Reboot Fix”, of course, doesn’t guarantee a solution, but in most cases solves the problem of spontaneous reboots.

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