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How to set up the old TV remote to work with Apple TV 4

New remote control for Apple TV 4 with a few special buttons and the touch pad is comfortable enough to interact with the operating system tvOS, play games, watch movies and TV shows. But what happens if you lose a new remote control somewhere under a couch? App for remote control using iPhone and iPad does not work with the new Apple TV, and if there is no Apple reseller, you’ll need a fallback. Should take a few minutes and configure your old TV remote to work with Apple TV.

Before you lose your primary remote for the Apple TV, go to menu Settings -> Remotes and devices -> Recognize the remote control. Click a few buttons on the old remote that is not currently responsible for control of other devices, e.g. DVD player. If you do not use the remote for a single device, the system prompts you to select an unused configuration before continuing.

Click the start button on the Apple TV screen and you will see several icons, representing the six buttons on the Apple remote. Take your old remote, press and hold the button you want to use it in accordance with the highlighted button on the screen to until the blue indicator is filled completely. Then Apple TV will provide the following key. Continue to press and hold a key on the old remote until all six buttons on the screen don’t get their compliance.

You can specify a name for the spare remote, if you plan to use a few of these. See the list of recognized devices for remote control in Remote controls and devices -> List devices.

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After that you will be able to configure for a spare remote additional buttons for interaction with music or videos. Just go in already familiar Settings -> Remotes and devices and click on the remote control. Here it can be renamed to match the main buttons, or remove from the list of devices.

Go to the settings of the play and repeat the preceding procedure, setting the appropriate buttons to play, pause, rewind and so on.

Now you will have at least two functioning remote for new Apple TV. Of course, you will not be able to fully replace the main control bench, but it will enable you in emergency cases to use the capabilities of the consoles.

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