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How to set up and use Apple Pay in Russia

As you know, Apple is in talks about launching Apple Pay in Russia. The ability to work branded payment services in our country are discussed with the big banks, including Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Raiffeisenbank, VTB24, Binbank, TCS Bank, using them in the future, will go transaction. In accordance with the plans of Apple, the payment system must earn officially in Russia until the end of 2016.

Until then, until that happens, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch in Russia may benefit from a roundabout way. Although he’s not perfect and fraught with a number of restrictions, everyone can now test Apple Pay. At the moment, the NFC module in the iPhone and Apple Watch in Russia is not used, although in fact it allows you to turn a gadget into a virtual Bank card.

Apple pay system was launched in the US in October 2014. Now it is present already in the UK, Canada, Australia, and China. Way to work with Apple Pay in Russia provides for the creation of a virtual MasterCard from the British service Boon that you want to register your name and add to the Wallet app.

How to use Apple Pay in Russia:

Step 1: in order to download the official client Boon, you must obtain an Apple ID for the UK. How to create an account without a credit card can be found here.

Step 2: Open the App Store on iPhone and download Boon. Free client available in the British App Store.

Step 3: Launch the app and Boon enter your real phone number to complete the registration of the account in accordance with the instructions on the screen.

Step 4: After verify your account, create a basic account is free Boon START with 5 pounds on account.

Step 5: to get more credits, you need to upgrade Boon to the accounts BASIC and PLUS, putting a real credit card number. Then this credit card can be used at any Bank in any country, where Apple Pay is not supported.

Step 5: Add a credit card in the Wallet app and Apple Watch. To do this, press the ” + ” button, then Add to Apple Wallet and wait for the completion of the verification.

After verification and activation card for iPhone, you need to repeat the same for the Apple Watch. Previously have to set the clock the password is a mandatory requirement for use of the payment service.

Now, to pay for the purchase, the iPhone or Apple Watch to attach to the terminal and the purchase amount will be debited from your credit card. Also there is a payment cards with contactless technology Visa PayWave and MasterCard PayPass. To call a payment function on the iPhone simply double-click the Home button with the screen off. On Apple Watch, the action is the same, but you have to click the side button. Boon thanks to a virtual map on your mobile devices will earn the NFC module that turns gadgets into a full-fledged payment instrument.

Notes: There are some limitations to use the Apple Pay service in Russia with the help of Boon. First, each Deposit account provides for cancellation of 1 pound (about 94 rubles). Secondly, Boon will take a small Commission on each transaction for using the service outside the UK. In addition, there are a number of restrictions on the number of transactions, even after upgrade to BASIC or PLUS Boon (up to 2200, and 5000 pounds, respectively).

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