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How to set the interface in the style of the Samsung Galaxy S8 iPhone

Add-ins that can play on iOS interface elements alternative OS, are very popular in the jailbreak community. So, the addon HTCLock in the time to earn hundreds of thousands of downloads of users who wished to transform the day iPhone for example HTC Sense. In fact, upgrade desktop and iOS-style software shell the South Korean flagship Galaxy S8 Samsung Experience.

Home screen the new Android phone looks a bit different. Samsung has completely revamped the look, added quite stylish on-screen buttons that correspond to the style icons. Changed the font, it became more elongated and minimalistic appearance of the notification remains the same. Slightly changed the appearance of the desktop settings.

The apps menu on the Galaxy S8 is opened by swiping up. Thus, the desktop users will not encounter buttons to the application menu. In addition, now both the desktop and in the applications menu a number of applications in the column increased to six.

Thanks twicam Anemone, iWidgets and efforts of developer ashraf iPhone users can try out the new minimalist interface that Samsung decided to make standard on their flagships. You will also need a file Manager Filza.

Step 1: Download Assembly S8 and S8 Widget Theme on your computer, clicking on this link. Copy them into the Dropbox folder to open on the iPhone.

Step 2: Run Dropbox on iPhone, open the zip that you downloaded in the previous step, in the application, Filza.

Step 3: Filza you will see an archive, unzip it. Go to the folder and find the subfolder S8 S8 Widget and Theme. You need to copy the contents of these folders in the appropriate directory. First, copy the folder inside the S8 Theme called S8.theme.

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Step 4: go to /var/Library/Themes. While in this directory, click the icon of the clipboard in the lower left Gulu and click “Paste”. Note that Theme and Widgets different folders. The copy process is identical, but they need to move to the appropriate folders.

  • Theme S8: /var/Library/Themes
  • Widget S8: /var/mobile/library/iwidgets

Now in S8 directory find Widgets for two different folders. Copy them both and paste into the iwidgets folder at the specified path.

Step 5: Run the Anemone and select Miscellaneous. You will see here the S8 Theme (loaded from the folder /Themes). Check the box next to it and click Preview. Now press Apply to activate the theme on the device.

Step 6: Return to the home screen. Tap and hold your finger on an empty place to run iWidgets. Scroll down to paragraph S8 Google Search and activate it. Repeat the same for the widget with the clock.

Step 7: To complete the image you need Wallpaper Galaxy S8, which can be easily found on the Internet. To add to dock five icons instead of four, you can install the tweak BetterFiveIconDock. For a more precise fit of the interface of the lock screen and desktop, you can use Springtomize 4.

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