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How to set delayed start iTunes, to avoid the error with a missing library on Mac

If connected to your computer external drive, it is likely that at system startup, iTunes fails to connect to it gives an error with a missing library and then choose new. On how to solve this problem later in our instruction.

By default, iTunes and Photo libraries are stored on the internal Mac drive. However, if the database is too large, users often transfer it onto an external drive or a network drive. Given the nature of work macOS, there is a problem connecting to the library when you start the computer. In order to avoid the appearance of window “Choose iTunes library”, you must set the delayed start iTunes.

1. Configure reset without re-opening applications.

  • Click the Apple menu –> Restart.
  • Before the time runs out remove the tick from “reopen Windows when logging in”.
  • Click “Cancel”

2. Disable the iTunesHelper startup.

  • Open System preferences –> Users & groups tab “login items”.
  • Here the list remove the item iTunesHelper.

3. Create a script for the pending launch iTunes.

  • In the Utility folder find the application called Script Editor (AppleScript):
  • In the AppleScript window write:

Delay 10
Tell application iTunes to launch

4. Save the program and place it in the startup.

  • Do not close the scripts editor window, click File –> Export
  • Change the line Format of the file with the Script in “the Program”, click “Save”.
  • Open System preferences –> Users and groups and click on the Objects tab.
  • Click the “+” and add your new app to the list of startup.
  • Restart the Mac to test the result.

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