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How to save songs, albums and playlists in Apple Music to listen offline

New streaming Apple Music service offering access to over 30 million music tracks, allows you to download content to listen offline. The user can save songs, albums and entire playlists to listen to the content without access to the Internet.

Streaming Apple Music earned 30 June. Users of iPhone, iPad and Mac have unlimited access to the iTunes library and can listen to songs from both online and offline. The application allows you to add to your personal collection of any content, whether it be a particular song or album. In the future you can use them to create your own playlists and save to listen to in offline mode.

In order to download the track on iPhone and iPad, you need to activate iCloud photo Library in your settings app Music. After that, you need to choose a song or album and open the program window. Next you need to click the icon “…” and select “add to My music”. The content in the background will be loaded into memory of the mobile device, after which it becomes available without Internet connection.

Despite Apple’s claims experts do not see anything revolutionary in the Apple Music: Spotify, Pandora, Google Music offer similar functionality. It is worth mentioning “Yandex.The music, for the use of a web-based version which did not charge a penny. But Apple has an ACE that will allow Apple Music to occupy a leading position.

The first is iTunes. Today it is the largest musical library in the world, there is already stored more than 30 million tracks. $ 169 per month for access to it — a small amount.
Second is money and credibility. Apple can easily negotiate with the caliber group U2’s free album on iTunes advertising and status for the sake. Surely such actions will continue, no wonder about Apple Music at the presentation told the popular canadian rapper Drake.

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Third — Connect, built-in Apple Music “bridge” between audiences and musicians. Through Connect performer might chat with fans, inform them about upcoming performances and new compositions, to share news.

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