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How to save money when buying Apple devices? Wait for the shares Back to School

For more than 10 years, Apple holds an annual campaign Back to School. Within the campaign, pupils, students and their parents as well as teachers are offered bonuses with the purchase of certain models of the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

This year so far there is no hint of starting Back to School. And many users are starting to think that the company refused from this program.

Starting in 2006, Apple launches an action in the United States and Canada, and last year in Russia. The earliest start was on may 25, the late — July 23. In France, Germany, Italy and other European countries, the program starts to work the same day or a few days later. In our country, Back to School, started 15 June – two weeks after the announcement of the program in the United States.

The start date of the campaign Back to School:

  • 2016: June 2;
  • 2015: July 23;
  • 2014: on 1 July;
  • 2013: July 2;
  • 2012: June 11;
  • 2011: 16 Jun;
  • 2010 may 25;
  • 2009: may 27;
  • 2008: 3 Jun;
  • 2007: 5 Jun;
  • 2006: 4 Jun.

Many users are waiting for Back to School, to save money when buying a computer at a special price and receive a gift from Apple. In 2016 and 2015, it was the Beats headphones, in 2014, Apple Store gift cards in 2013 — iTunes gift card.

In February, Apple launched a Back to School promotion in Australia and New Zealand, offering a gift card of Apple Store valued from $70 to $100 when you purchase a new Mac Pro and iPad.

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Russia had proposed special conditions for the purchase of Mac, iPhone and iPad. Under the promotion, buyers can save money when you purchase the Mac at a special price and receive a gift of Beats Solo2 headphones that cost 23 990 rubles. When you select iPad Pro and the iPhone was supposed to have free wireless headphone, the Beats Powerbeats2 15 990 rubles.

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