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How to run macOS in Sierra Siri with voice commands

Mac users were waiting for Siri since the launch of the voice assistant on the iPhone in 2011. Personal assistant has become available on Apple after the release of the new operating system macOS Sierra.

Despite the fact that Apple developers decided not to include the voice call function of Siri by default, the MacOS users can do this yourself through the standard functions of the Dictation. The last is in the Universal access system preferences.

How to activate Siri on your Mac by voice:

Step 1: Go to System settings and find the tab, Dictation & speech.

Step 2: Turn on the Dictation feature by putting a check in the “Enabled”, if it was not done earlier. Make sure that the option “Use enhanced dictation” was also included – this will allow the OS to process voice commands without Internet connection.

Step 3: Return to the main system settings menu and select a section called Universal access. Here, in the sidebar you will find a section Dictation.

Step 4: Select activate the tick opposite “to Include key phrases dictation”. This will allow you to customize the command which will be most preferred for voice activation Siri. Enter the first part of the sentence, e.g. “Hello”.

Note: you can also activate a sound alert when successful the command is recognized by analogy with Siri on iOS. Additionally, you can put a tick next to “Disable audio output during dictation”.

Step 5: Click dictation Commands and select activate next to the ‘Enable extended phrase dictation”.

Step 6: Tap on the ” + ” icon. Located above the icon “+” window find the option Siri. In the right part of this window in the field “When I say” enter in Russian “Siri”. In the next box, leave the default “When using any program.” Opposite of the “Run” option to Open the object Finder, select Siri.

These simple steps will let you run Siri on Mac using only your own voice. The phrase “Hey Siri” will run the first Dictation (the first part), and then a virtual assistant (“Siri”).

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