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How to remotely control PC using iPhone and iPad

Solutions for remote PC management has always enjoyed popularity. Because it is very convenient to see what’s happening on the PC, being in a totally different place. Remotely you can help them to solve any technical problems, check out what the baby when he is home alone, find out how downloading the torrent client, or convert large video.

A free plugin for the Google Chrome browser allows you to remotely control any computer on Windows or Mac using your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. MacDigger will tell how to configure this feature.

How to remotely control your computer from iOS device:

Step 1: first of all, you need to start the computer browser Chrome.

Step 2: click on this link to open the “Chrome Remote desktop”. This extension is available free of charge on any desktop versions of the browser.

Step 3: Click “Install” to confirm installation.

Step 4: In the new tab panel opens with all Google apps, including the “Chrome Remote desktop”. Run it.

Step 5: On the page under “My computers”, click “getting started”.

Step 6: Select the computer you wish to control remotely from your iPhone or iPad.

Step 7: Click “Allow remote connections”. Opens the settings panel for remote desktop. Click “Enable Remote Connections”.

Step 8: Adjust PIN for access to your computer.

Step 9: Now take your iPhone or iPad and open the App Store. You need to find in the search client Chrome Remote Desktop. Install it.

Step 10: Open the app and enter the account settings. You do not need to specify the IP address or computer name in the settings – just the Google account.

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Step 11: Select your computer, enter the PIN that you configured in step 8.

That’s all now you can enjoy remote access to your PC. After connecting to the computer desktop will be displayed on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. At the top of the screen there are three elements: the buttons to control the mouse, the virtual keyboard is displayed and “full screen”.

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