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How to recover deleted messages in iOS 10.3

The iPhone and iPad is not easy to recover accidentally deleted data, especially if we are talking about the text message. Come to the aid application for macOS and Windows dr.fone – first app that is fully compatible with iOS 10.3. In addition to the main functions of data recovery, the program has a number of interesting and useful features.

As data recovery is the primary function dr.fone, you should start it with her. Like most programs of this kind, the utility requires to connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer and choose what information you want to restore, then scan the device. The default is to display all the data but display only deleted files. Here you can recover even deleted messages.

It is noteworthy that supports recovery not only from the standard Messaging and instant messengers such as Viber or WhatsApp, with the functions of backup and data recovery messengers made immediately on the main screen. You can restore all messages or selectively. The necessary files are stored on computer or directly on the device.

Messages and other data can also be restored from an iTunes backup. To do this, select the information to restore you need to select the iTunes icon in the left part of the program and start scanning. In the same way, the recovery from iCloud backup.

In addition to recovering messages, and other data, as already noted, dr.fone has a number of useful functions. Sometimes you may need to permanently remove any information on your iOS device, without the possibility of recovery. Not many programs can offer this functionality. Dr. fone allows users to permanently delete selected files to help protect your personal information.

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Right from the app you can reset the device to factory settings. The owners of jailbroken devices with the full reset will revert to the customary iOS version.

If for some reason you don’t like to use iTunes or iCloud to backup save data on the computer with the help of Dr. fone. Utility allows to make a full backup of all data or individual files.

If you are faced with the problem of the eternal reboot, white screen hangs on the Apple logo during boot, just connect the device to the computer and use system restore Dr. fone.

A nice feature is the ability to record the screen iPhone or iPad. To do this, you must use the broadcast image AirPlay. The device recognizes Dr. fone as Apple TV. Recording without a computer is possible, but you must install special software directly on the iOS device. Since for unknown reasons, Apple prohibits you to record the screen iPhone or iPad to install the Dr. fone you need through the browser.

The only drawback to the Dr. fone is the lack of the Russian language, but the interface is intuitive, so difficult to get confused.

The program itself is not free, for full version you have to pay $69,95. The validity of the evaluation version expires 30 days after installation.

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