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How to record your Animoji-karaoke with iPhone X

Immediately after the start of sales of iPhone X, the network began to appear the fun videos, in which animated emoticons perform the famous hits.

It is unknown who first came up with the idea, but now every owner of an updated Apple gadget can create the exact same video.

It works on the same principle by which the duplicated movies and video clips. On the background of the recording track and the user only moves his lips, giving emotions smileys Animoji.

So, to record your Animoji karaoke, do the following:

  • Find a song that will carry a smile. This is not just to play music on iPhone after the call to application Animoji she’s being jammed. So before you begin to “sing”, will have to find another source of sound.
  • Then you should find the lyrics of the song, which is sung selected Animoji, and learn from them. Use a service such as MusiXmatch and Apple Music.
  • The next step – recording. Animoji are in iMessage. You must open messenger and include the appropriate application. It is necessary to choose a smiley and click the record button.
  • It is important to remember that the application iMessage will record only the first 10 seconds. If you select a karaoke track lasts longer, you’ll have to use the built-in to the control recording function.
  • As soon as a makeshift clip will be “lifted”, you will need not to forget to edit it. This will help the app iMovie. It allows you to get to sing a few Animoji.
  • Well, in the end, why not share your creations on social networks? Directly from iMovie video can be imported to YouTube or Twitter.
  • That’s about it. It is time to turn Animoji in rock stars.

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