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How to record phone conversation on iPhone without jailbreak

When you need to record a call iPhone owners have two choices – run the jailbreak and install the jailbreak solution AudioRecorder 2, or to get the recorder and use the speakerphone. Russian developers has launched a service Callwrite that allows you to record phone calls on iPhone effortlessly.

All the user needs during the call to add the service to your phone conversation on the principle of visual communication. After a few minutes after the call on the iPhone will receive a message stating that the record is complete and ready for listening. The minimum retention period of the file or three days. To listen to the recording or download it to your computer in mp3 format, you must log in your personal account, choose a plan and pay for the service.

How to record phone calls on iPhone using Callwrite:

Step 1: During a call, tap on the plus icon for a phone call (the “+”button).

Step 2: Dial the number of service 8(3952) 48-65-10. For convenience, the number you want to save, not to gain manually.

Step 3: connect the service to your conversation (“connect” button), otherwise the conversation will not be recorded.

Step 4: the Recording has begun. Communicate with someone, the recording will end at the end of the conversation.

The minimum period for keeping records three days, maximum 90 days. The call will be recorded regardless of whether the user is registered in the system and whether he has enough minutes on the balance sheet. But in order to listen to or download the recording, you must log in your personal account.

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How to record phone conversation on iPhone – video tutorial:

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