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How to record FaceTime video call

Since the advent of FaceTime helps maintain contact with the family to millions of people. Video calls have become incredibly popular, but they are not saved as a SMS or chat messages. Fortunately, you can solve it.

Sometimes what is happening during a call in FaceTime, I want to keep forever as a memory. Whether a family bell for the New year or someone’s birthday.

Apple does not offer built-in tools for recording video, but you can use QuickTime, installed in every Mac.

How to record FaceTime on Mac

In order to save a video you need to:

  • To Start FaceTime.
  • Open QuickTime, go to the submenu “File – New screen recording”.
  • Click the arrow next to the “Record” button and set the checkbox next to “Microphone”.
  • You then need to select the screen area to be written (you need to specify the window region with the FaceTime app).
  • Then you can start to chat in FaceTime, and at the end turn off the screen recording, to continue.

How to record FaceTime on iPhone and iPad

To keep FaceTime video call on a device running iOS, again you have to use QuickTime.

To do this:

  • Connect your mobile device to your Mac via USB.
  • Make sure that the gadget is unlocked and the display shows the Home screen.
  • To launch the QuickTime application on Mac.
  • Click the arrow next to the “Record” button and set a tick next to the name of the device that will be used during the call.
  • Click on the “Record”button.

Unfortunately, despite the complexity caused by the need to use a Mac and QuickTime to record a conversation in FaceTime, yet it is the only way to keep a video call. Perhaps in the future Apple will offer iPhone owners and Mac more convenient solution.

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