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How to record calls on FaceTime on iPhone or Mac

FaceTime is a great way to stay in touch with your family and friends. Sometimes some points of the conversation must be saved on your device. It can be done easily with the help of Mac.

How to record FaceTime call on Mac

If you need to save the conversation recording on a Mac, you can use the standard function of screen recording in QuickTime.

1. Launch QuickTime.

2. In the menu bar, select File.

3. Click “New record image on the screen.”

4. In the opened window click on the arrow near the red button start recording.

5. Select “internal microphone” from the list available.

6. Open FaceTime.

7. In QuickTime, click the red button to start recording.

8. Select the area of the screen.

9. Start a conversation on FaceTime.

10. Upon completion of the call, click stop recording in the menu bar.

11. Again, select File.

12. Click “Save”.

13. Enter the desired name of the video.

14. Choose a location to save the file.

15. Click “Save”.

How to record FaceTime call on iPhone using Mac

It is worth noting that to record the screen on your iPhone will not work due to limitations of Apple. Therefore, for this purpose still need a Mac.

1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac.

2. Open QuickTime.

3. Again select “File” in the menu bar.

4. Press “New video recording”.

5. In the opened window click on the arrow near the red button start recording.

6. Select your iPhone from the list of available cameras.

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7. Unlock your iPhone, then Mac should appear on your display iPhone.

8. Make sure that the audio in QuickTime is enabled, otherwise the video would work without sound.

9. Launch FaceTime on your iPhone.

10. Hit the red record button in QuickTime.

11. Redirect FaceTime calls on an iPhone.

12. At the end of the call, click end recording in the menu bar.
Again, select File.

13. Click “Save”.

14. Enter the desired record name.

15. Choose a location to save the file.

16. Click “Save”.

How to record a conversation using third party apps

If you need more simple way of recording, you can use the app Ecamm Call Recorder for FaceTime. Utility not just enables you to record a FaceTime window, but also has a built-in audio editor and support the split screen option. If you need a call recorder for FaceTime for professional purposes or for upload to YouTube, better to use Call Recorder for FaceTime.

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