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How to quickly transfer files in AirDrop and iCloud on macOS

Those who often interacts with features such as AirDrop and iCloud Drive, need quick access to them. To do this, you can move their icons to the dock.

This can be done in two ways:

The first method

First you need to find the app itself AirDrop. To do this, open Finder, type in the search word Finder. To find the icon file messenger, click the right mouse button and click on the item “Show package contents”.

Open content Finder that will contain all of the components are in the side menu of the application. From there you can drag and drop AirDrop and iCloud Drive in the dock.

The second method

You can slightly shorten the way to the file Finder. For this you need to close all applications, select the top menu item “go”, select the item “move to folder”, and enter in the box that appears /System/Library/CoreServices/ and press Enter.

The screen will display the same folder with all the components Finder. From it you need to drag the AirDrop, iCloud Drive or any other item directly to the dock.

Thus it is possible to speed up access to certain system functions. Unfortunately, these shortcuts work only as links and not respond to user actions, if you move over them a file.

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