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How to quickly scroll up the page on an iPhone X

All iPhone users accustomed to one simple gesture: if you tap the status bar at the top of the screen, the page in the smartphone quickly propitaetsya in the top. But, if you try to do the same thing for iPhone X — nothing happens.

The function is useful if the user is at the bottom of a long document, huge article in Safari or Instapaper. It is really convenient and saves time and applications that do not support it, begin to seem broken.

IPhone X this “feature” still available. It is called a little bit different because Apple has changed the mechanism of operation of some functions. Because of the refusal from the Home button, the company had to replace a part of its capabilities with gestures and some existing — to make a change.

On the spot iPhone status bar now are the “ears” of the device that is required to call the control Center and notification Center. Therefore, it seems that place is already taken, but it’s not.

In order to quickly scroll the page iPhone X in the top, you need to double-tap the screen somewhere at the top of the smartphone near the cutout for the camera TrueDepth.

TrueDepth — camera system, which is located in a small module at the top of the iPhone display X. She needed to work Face ID and take a photo.

iPhone X is the smartphone of Apple, which was submitted on 12 September 2017 with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in the “Theatre of Steve jobs”.

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