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How to quickly find the desired setting in iOS 9

In iOS there are hundreds of various settings for each operating system partition. They are all grouped in a single application. Although a breakdown of the menu is much more logical than on other platforms, find rare options is sometimes extremely difficult.

In iOS 9, Apple solved the problem with quick access to settings. Operating system that will be released in open access to 20 September, received a new search function. Now just go to app Settings and switch to a new Search box that is located above the Airplane mode button.

On what grounds next to the magnifying glass icon says “Settings” instead of “Search”, one can only assume. Be that as it may, the choice of this line takes the user to the quick search settings. Function affects all sections of the operating system and all installed applications.

For example, a request from two beech Ka opens a list of settings for the “Adaptation of touch”, “Calendar”, “Camera”, app 2GIS, Yandex.Maps, OneNote. And if you type “Tech”, then the operating system will offer a list of settings for cellular communication, text, Safari and VLC.

“Call” allows you to quickly open the “Sounds –> Vibrate –> During the call,” “the Sounds –> ringer and alerts> Volume” and “Sounds –> ringer and alerts> Change with buttons”.

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