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How to protect iPhone from wiretapping?

In recent years there are many publications on the topic: “how to protect yourself from wiretapping phone” or “how do you know that your iPhone is tapped”. His opinion on the subject shared the ex-intelligence officer Ivan Stupak.


Someone who communicates only via WhatsApp, FaceTime, sign language or some obscure Chinese messenger. Others are more cunning and thoughtful tie of Viber or WhatsApp to for eign SIM card, then throw it in the trash and later I use the phone only for communication via Wi-Fi network.

Some even use foreign SIM card (regardless of roaming) in the belief that it will preserve the secrecy of the negotiations from the curious ear of law enforcement.

Here’s what you need to know lovers to hide from “Big Brother”. You never circumstantial evidence do not know, do not guess and do not prove that your phone is tapped. In the tube will not be interference, the communication quality deteriorates, the communication indicator on the display will not change, and the IMEI of your phone will not change.

And all because each mobile operator has already provided the possibility of removal of information from communication channels in favor of law enforcement. This common international practice, which is one of the requirements to start working with any carrier, mobile or another connected!

Except of course, when you listen to attackers or competitors through illegal private wiretapping complex, which is on the black market is about $200 000 (there are nuances).

But even if you authentically will know that you are listening competent authorities will deny everything, you’ll never prove a thing.

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Once I met with a specific and very black humor of the staff of the special forces. They have such a cynical expression: “don’t run from sniper, you’ll die tired”. If your person is suddenly seriously interested in Home, then I assure you that you’d better relax, accept things as they are and just not to talk at all.

Can long to puff up and resist the system by encrypting all your phone conversations. But you have to remember, that wiretapping is only a small part of possibilities of the competent authorities.

Remember the expression: “Even the walls have eyes and ears”?

Modern technology has reached a level where even ordinary plates can be ears (no kidding). You can listen to conversations in the room with a laser aimed through the window (from another building) on a crumpled piece of paper, he gives a good resonance and a good quality recording of the conversation, and so on.

Do not forget about the so-called human factor. Most often the global information leakage to occur by human stupidity or malice.

A person can just revenge to inform the competent authorities about all the details of your daily or business activity, your plans, and you will know. You don’t even need to listen to.

And maybe just plain human stupidity when drunk or bragging in the wrong company of people will tell you about the “extra” details of your life.

And the last one.

To listen stranger it’s not always very interesting and exciting as it may seem (at least in the beginning). Can you compare it like starting to watch a little-known episode 18 series 8 of the season.

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Some people call and write to your listening-face, loaded their issues and problems, etc. and at first quite difficult to understand what place and what are all these people in the life of your object.

In the course of further work, it is possible that it may even be a kind of Stockholm syndrome! But that’s another story….

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