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How to properly charge the battery of the iPhone and iPad

One of the “sick” places many modern mobile devices – the battery. With a low battery, even the top iPhone and iPad turns into a dead brick. Note that modern lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries are reliable, but require increased attention, as the most delicate components. And, unlike other “iron” stuffing, subject to aging.

With the brand battery you need to apply according to the instructions, and then it will be perfectly safe. If you carefully read the news about how people were affected by the battery (many of them – it becomes clear that the battery did something wrong to her or heated, or beaten, or did something else with her, it is not recommended. The most terrible “battery” news on the check are the batteries completely unrelated.
For example, a year ago, in August 2014, seventeen-year-old Muscovite was killed by the current, dropping his iPad in the bath. The tragedy, of course, but there is little detail – she dropped into the bath tablet connected to the charger, which was plugged into an electrical outlet! Killed her discharge did not come from the tablet, and from the mains. If she fell in the water, for example, a hair dryer, lamp, or any other device where the batteries never were, the result was exactly the same – the battery isn’t the problem.

What not to do

Almost every battery of written, some of the things we can’t do not disassemble, crush, drop into the water (and even stored in damp conditions), connect the left to the chargers, SuperCool and, conversely, overheating, and expose to open flame. In most cases, violation of these rules will ruin the battery, often a gadget, and in a particularly unpleasant set of circumstances may cause a fire or, as it is a special case, a small explosion with fragments of the battery and device.

Additionally, we recommend that you use only genuine batteries. The “left” is sometimes cheaper, but always – Yes, always! – will be unpredictable and the actual parameters, and behavior even in regular situations. Here they can catch fire and spontaneously. The probability of ignition, of course, small, but here the deviation of the declared capacity and less than the branded batteries, lifetime is unlikely you will be pleased.

Important: exhaust their resources do not throw the battery in the regular trash, it should be put into recycling. Usually large supermarkets – from Ikea to large electronics stores accept used batteries and send them for recycling. For you it will be free, but for nature it is very useful.

What to do?

With such practical issues KP journalists appealed to the representatives of three different companies that produce gadgets. The survey was attended by experts of the same global Corporation, one local and one manufacturer periphery. As a global Microsoft was chosen. Local expert made DEXP, recently surprised the market with the release of a line of ten smartphones with batteries high power. And their knowledge shared by the representative of Plastronics, the company that produces the bluetooth headset, which is “on Board” is also a battery.

So, how to treat a battery of modern devices? You can just not pay attention and charge as needed, but little tricks.
The first 2-3 charge the device with a new battery, according to a representative of DEXP, it is better to do a fully – discharged to “zero” (the gadget itself off and on button is pressed, the inclusion does not respond) to one hundred percent fulfillment.

Interestingly, the “overfeed” the battery is not terrible, that it is in vain I’m afraid many users. “Modern gadgets is absolutely not harmful, if you are going on vacation, leave it on charge,” says Tutov (Plantronics). So nothing bad will happen if the gadget with a fully charged battery for a while will hold is connected to the charge.
By the need to “feed” the battery. Often we arrived at the outlet, for example, at dinner, at a party, in the waiting room, etc. – plug-in your gadget to the charge to the battery scored some 10-15% charge. Some believe that the battery is bad, but if such use would spoil the old Nickel-cadmium batteries, modern lithium ion and lithium polymer such negative charging effect. Therefore, we can safely connect the device to the battery for an hour and a half, both to ordinary and to wireless.

But to stay a long time in a discharged state the battery is bad, it may even be damaged in the worst case, but “best” is a pretty lose capacity. “It’s best to maintain the battery level in the range of 20-70%,” – said the experts of DEXP.

Experts from Microsoft Mobile Devices told that the battery of a modern gadget designed for 500-1000 cycles of full charge-discharge, that is, it should last two years. Thereafter, as the representative of DEXP, the battery capacity will be about 75-80% of nominal, but will begin to drop rapidly. Next would be all the more noticeable that the gadget from its full charge is much less than it was in the beginning, and after a few months it will start to bring inconvenience. You will need to change the battery or the whole gadget entirely.

But all the experts emphasized that this holds only in case of correct operation of the device. “If the device is subjected to mechanical shocks and temperature changes, then the lifetime of the battery is reduced,” warns Yuri Tutov. Among the dangers that can reduce battery life, experts separately allocated charger unknown manufacturers. “You need to use original charger” – categorical in the Russian office of Microsoft Mobile Devices. All this is logical: to connect the gadget to a device that generates it is unclear what the current and voltage will be so strange as to fill the tank of a car unknown fuel may be diesel, and maybe oil.

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