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How to profitably sell old MacBook

MacBooks and laptops in General sells a lot worse than smartphones, they are also more difficult to repair, and the Trade-In program, as a rule, unfavorable, especially if we are talking about Apple computers. There are some tips that will help you to maximize the income from the sale of the MacBook.

How to sell a MacBook more expensive

If your keyboard missing any keys, try them yourself to replace. Even those devices which do not have just one or two keys are considered to be faulty. Although such problems are solved in a couple minutes, it will greatly increase the cost of the laptop.

Do not delete the operating system or hard drive from the Mac. If the computer will not boot, its price also will fall sharply. The money saved and time does not compare to how much you eventually lose.

Remove all the stickers from the laptop. No one likes to scrape the sticker with your device, including the company offering the exchange program. Most likely, they will take money for it.

Exchange program MacBook

Most companies will not buy back or offer too little amount for the faulty computers.

If you compare the price of a broken 15-inch MacBook Pro 2013 CPU at 2.4 GHz from a different company, it turns out that Amazon, BestBuy and Walmart offers a meager amount of $100, while the official exchange program Mac offers $250 if the MacBook is physical damage (broken screen, no keys, etc.), and $150 if the device does not turn on at all.

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If you decided to sell your MacBook yourself, you should care of some points:

  • it is very important to have all the documents, instructions for Mac, as well as warranty;
  • don’t forget that although Apple keeps the price, potential buyers will bargain. First, your MacBook was already in use, and secondly, technology is continuously improving, appear newer and more powerful models, Apple regularly updates the model range. Before the sale it is advisable to research the market, learn the prices in the shops and private persons;
  • having made the decision to sell, once you have, how much you are willing to sell MacBook, put the price slightly higher. The people are pleasant when bargaining, the seller lowers the price for them. Thereby place the potential buyer to yourself, and the probability of sale increases. In the end, throwing off price will be satisfied and the buyer and you.

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