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How to prepare your old iPhone for sale or exchange for iPhone 6s

Not all iPhone quietly die in the hands of the owners — they often sell or give the seller/operator in exchange for a new handset. In connection with the start of sales of new iPhone 6s we will talk about how to do it properly — so that the new owners did not have access to what is not necessary.

A few years ago to remove all information from iPhone was a trivial task, now everything is not so simple — “thank you” to Apple for new services and capabilities. Incidentally, the material from Delfi worth reading and everyone who is going to buy an iPhone “with hands” — to understand that the seller has done everything required and you won’t have any surprises.

1. To delete all content and settings

This is the first and well known step — go to the settings and in the bottom part of the Key to find the item to Erase all content and settings. When you remove the iPhone will ask to enter the password and warns that it will delete the contents of your smartphone forever.

Generally, this should be done after using iTunes made a full copy of all data from the device. In addition, if you are going to move to an alternative platform, do not forget to use instructions on how to deactivate iMessage, to avoid problems with SMS.

iPhone removes all amazingly fast — just a couple of minutes. But to worry about the quality of removal is not necessary, since the device destroys not data and settings. The fact that the contents of the iPhone is encrypted (AES-256), so it is enough just to delete the key, thereby making it impossible to access the data. That is, the removal system simply breaks a key to the lock of the safe. Actually, no, don’t — don’t break the key, and fills the keyhole molten metal, turning in a pretty safe iron cube that can’t be hacked without destroying the contents.

To your data, nobody can get it. No way. But to restore them you can not, even if you change your mind to sell the iPhone. The only way to get them back is to take from the backup you made with iTunes. After all, you did?!

2. To disable the activation lock and Find my iPhone

What about service activation Lock and Find my iPhone that allow you to find your lost or stolen smartphone and block? Or, even “better” — to block just sold the phone (purely out of spite)? Generally the previous step disables them entirely. But to be 100% sure, you can disable them by hand, after having passed into the iCloud settings and turn off the function “Find my iPhone”.

3. To remove credit card information and fingerprints

Users of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and upcoming iPhones can not worry — the accomplishment of the first step at the same time and automatically removes all the data about credit cards and fingerprints. But the paranoid and owners of older handsets Apple can go to the settings, Touch ID & password and Password and Apple Pay (iOS 8) or Wallet and Apple Pay (iOS 9) and delete everything there manually. And don’t forget that if you paid something on the iPhone via Safari, the information could be saved in the settings of the browser on the iPhone. Go to Settings > Safari > AutoFill > Saved credit cards.

4. Check “untethered” if the iPhone from the operator

Buyers of used iPhone should avoid buying a stolen or “attached” to the operator of the device. Sellers, respectively — to ensure that their iPhone clean and ready for sale. The status of the smartphone, you can check the number MEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), which is located in Settings > General > About > IMEI. And will help in checking this little website.

5. Unlink iPhone from iCloud

The complete removal of all data and settings only partially removes the device from iCloud. To remove the device completely, you need using your Mac go to the Apple menu, choose System preferences, there is iCloud and click on Account. Select the Devices tab, then your iPhone, then go to Dissociate from the account.

6. Unlink iPhone from iTunes in the Cloud

In 2011, Apple introduced not just iCloud, but iTunes in the Cloud is a separate service that allows you to download all previously purchased on iTunes and not pay for it twice. Skip this and just “iCloud” does not detaches the iPhone from iTunes in the Cloud. To do this, we need to launch iTunes, go to account settings, then scroll down to iTunes in the Cloud and select Manage devices, and then find your old iPhone and click on Delete.

If this is not done, the new owner will not be able to connect bought iPhone to your iTunes in the Cloud.

7. Unlink iPhone from Apple ID

Apple has its service for two-factor authentication — It allows you to use mobile devices as “trusted” — those that code will come in the case of call attempts in other services. If your iPhone acts as such a trusted device before you sell it better to deny such privileges. Otherwise, the new owner will be able to receive messages on your smartphone that will allow anything you have to hack (although in real life this is a very unlikely scenario).

To get rid of the Apple ID, just go to, select Password and security and Manage your trusted devices, and there — to Add or remove trusted device. If there is your iPhone, please remove it.

8. Remove the SIM card and clean the iPhone

The last steps, as corny as it sounds, are removing the SIM card from the phone (some forget to do it) and its preparation, so to speak, physically.

Remove the SIM cards with a special “brackets” Apple or a straightened paperclip. Then wipe with a soft cloth, find a box of it, check that it contains original papers, do not forget to put the charger (required, not be greedy) and headphones (if they lived up to that moment).

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