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How to prepare for the sale of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

In our time on mobile devices is stored a lot of important information — financial information, personal photos and videos, correspondence, passwords, services and Bank accounts, applications, and digital documents. So before you sell a gadget, you need to erase all content and get rid of the account.

First of all, prior to the sale or transfer iOS device you should remove all personal information. You should not manually delete contacts, calendars, reminders, documents, photo stream and other iCloud data after you connect to your account using Apple ID. This will remove content from the cloud and all devices connected to the account.

How to prepare your iPhone and iPad for sale

In preparation for the sale or transfer of the iOS devices to another user may want to delete some or all files. However, you should first perform a backup of information and disable some services. We recommend you to perform all the necessary actions in the following sequence.

Step 1: If your iPhone is associated with Apple Watch, first break a couple between them. To do this, open the Watch app, Apple Watch next > Unpair.

Step 2: make a backup copy of your gadget. To do this, start iTunes and connect to the computer your gadget and click on its icon in the top left corner. Scroll down and click “Create backup now”.

Depending on the volume of stored data creating a backup may take up to 10 minutes. It will be all your files and personal information currently on the mobile device. After buying a new device it will need to do this same sequence of steps, but click on “Restore backup”.

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Step 3: On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch navigate to Settings > iCloud. Scroll down and click “Exit”. In iOS 7 or earlier, click “Delete account”.

Step 4: Click “Logout” again, select “Remove from iPhone” and enter your password.

Step 5: go Back to the “Settings” screen and click “General > Reset > Erase all content and settings”. If “Find my iPhone”, you may need to enter the Apple ID and password.

Step 6: If prompted for a password or device password restrictions, enter the passcode. Then click “Erase [device]”.

After switching on the mobile device prompts the new owner to activate on the new gadget after purchase.

If iPhone/iPad are already sold

If you are selling your iPhone and iPad, but the steps above were not fully implemented, do the following:

Step 1: Contact the new owner and ask him to erase all content and settings, in accordance with the instructions above.

Step 2: If the device was active iCloud and Find my iPhone, sign in to your account on the website select the device and click Erase. Erasing data and click on “Remove from account”.

Step 3: If you cannot perform the suggested action, change the password for your Apple ID. You can do it on the account page for your Apple ID. In this case, the personal information on your old device will not be deleted, but the new owner will not be able to delete it from iCloud.

Step 4: If you do not plan to use an iPhone, be sure to unregister from the iMessage service. More information can be found here.

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Step 5: If you use Apple Pay, on the website you can delete credit or debit cards. Select “Settings” to view the list of devices that use Apple Pay and then select the desired device. Click “Delete” next to the service Apple Pay.

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