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How to play a trick on the owner of an Android smartphone

Topic “iOS or Android” lasts for more than a year, and so far in the comments and then there are heated arguments in the form of flaming and Polivanov. But let’s forget all the serious arguments. Now we will explain how iPhone users can play a joke on your friends with Android, have shown clearly that the “Apple” smartphones are much faster.

As it turned out, using developer mode, you can not only expedite the work of Android-smartphone, but it significantly slow down: you’ll only need to borrow for a couple of minutes smartphone “victims”.

First switch on the phone’s developer mode. To do this go to settings and then “About phone” –> “Version” –> “Advanced” and tap seven times on “build Number”. The screen will display a notification “You developer!”. Now in the settings of the OS will be available the hidden developer menu.

Go back to main settings and find the “For developers”. Here in the “Advanced” need to find “window Animations” and “transition Animation”, “animation Duration” and set the value of 10x (default is 1x).

After that the phone will be for a long time to think even over the most simple operations. The procedure is absolutely harmless for your smartphone – but don’t forget to return to the previous settings after plenty laugh at his friend with an Android.

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