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How to perform a clean installation of OS X El Capitan on Mac

Few hours ago Apple has released the final version of OS X for Mac El Capitan. After testing the platform, we found out that in Cupertino has seriously worked on the ergonomics and functionality of the OS “MacOS users” will find in OS X El Capitan a number of interesting features.

OS X El Capitan based on the features and design of OS X Yosemite with features such as built-in apps and Spotlight search. The new system is faster cope with everyday tasks — from launching apps and access messages in the mail to open the PDF documents. The most notable feature — Split View – gives you the ability to automatically have two apps on the same screen, fill in all the space. This allows more efficient use of the computer in work situations. In turn, support Metal technology Apple has huge potential for gamers and designers.

OS X El Capitan makes for a more comfortable operation with built-in applications. Safari has a function of Pinned Sites, which allows you to keep favorite websites open in tabs, and the new silent mode button to quickly turn off the sound in the browser accessible from any tab. New Smart Suggestions recognizes names and events in emails and offers to add them to contacts or the calendar with just one click.

Most Mac users now updates the system by loading the Assembly from the store, but there are those who prefer to do a clean install. In this case, the OS is rolled on a formatted hard disk partition from which deleted all the data. Either use a new drive.

The method “clean” install is considered the most reliable and promising in terms of stability of the new OS. Applications and mods installed on your environment OS X El Capitan, will operate with maximum stability. If you choose this installation method El Capitan, you should first perform a backup of important information.

How to perform a clean installation of OS X El Capitan:

Step 1: Download OS X El Capitan from the Mac App store at this link.

Step 2: using the instructions here create a bootable USB drive with OS X El Capitan.

Step 3: After preparing the boot disk, restart the Mac, hold down the keyboard Option key (ALT).

Step 4: When you turn on the computer click the menu download “Mac OS X Installer”. Open Disk utility.

Step 5: Select the hard drive you want to format. Click on the tab Erase. From the drop-down menu Format, select Mac OS Extended (journaled) and write the desired name of the disc.

Step 6: Click Erase to start formatting the drive.

Step 7: After completing the operation close the Disk utility and select from the top menu to “Install Mac OS X”.

Step 8: Specify the drive and run the installation OS X El Capitan.

After a clean install of OS X El Capitan you can transfer apps and other important files from Time Machine backup or use the OS from scratch.

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