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How to move from Evernote on Notes Apple

In late June, Evernote announced an increase in cost of tariffs and restrictions for free accounts: users can no longer sync notes more than two devices. For many users this has become a serious obstacle to future use of the service somatochlora. While experts and representatives of the it industry arguing about the fate of Evernote, users are looking for alternatives for record keeping.

Experts speak about the impending death of Evernote. The arguments are quite convincing: employees believe that the company does not allow them to develop, and users don’t like the direction of service development — new features are increasing, but many of them simply don’t need.

If the average user still thinks Evernote service for writing notes and saving information from the Internet, the company is positioning it as a mixture of semitechnical”, working messenger and service to work together. Evernote peak of popularity occurred in 2011. Since that time the publication has published hundreds of materials whose sole purpose is to find an alternative service for taking notes. But a few years ago, Evernote was the leader, now, there were some worthy counterparts.

Store and manage your notes using a regular Apple apps available on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Those who considers unacceptable new conditions Evernote, there is always the opportunity to transfer the records from the service Notes Apple. To do this is quite simple.

First we need to open the desktop version of Evernote and log in to your account. Further, in the top menu, select edit –> Select all, then File –> Export notes. Specify the name of the file in ENEX format and location to save.

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Now you need to import the recording into Notes. To do this, open the Notes app on the Mac, click the top menu “Import notes and choose the ENEX file, Evernote swapped out. In the drop-down window will remain to confirm the import of all the records in the Apple application.

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