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How to move emoticons from iOS 9.1/9.2 on iOS devices 9.0.2-9.0 using Emoji9 [Cydia]

A colon, dash, parenthesis – let this combination and there is nothing in the textbooks on the Russian language, but an SMS or mail message immediately becomes more emotional. Emoticons and Emoji we put everywhere, except perhaps in official documents do not use.

In the 9.1 update iOS Apple has added 150 new icons to the Unicode Consortium introduced in the eighth edition of the Unicode. Among the new emojis: web, Scorpion, squirrel, burritos, Turkey, chili, tacos, colours and even lilac unicorn with a dragon. On your keyboard you can now also find the icon for the middle finger Emoji and a new “mysterious eyes”, created in the framework of the project I Am A Witness. The last icon that looks like the eyes and at the same time as the cloud of the dialogue created for the witnesses of humiliation and rudeness and not willing to remain silent in the face of injustice.

New emoticons can only be used by those who have upgraded to the latest software version iOS 9.1/9.2. Users of iOS 9.0.2-9.0 which do not affect the more recent releases of Apple because of jailbreak, it is possible to obtain a set of icons ready for use.

In order to get the option to insert Emoji in apps with iPhone and iPad, you can install a new tweak Emoji9. It is in a separate repository developer Hamza Court “” and contains the whole set of icons, icons and symbols that Apple has added to iOS 9.1. Emoji can be inserted into emails on iOS 9.0.2-9.0.

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In addition to tweaks Emoji9 users also need to install the iOS Emoji pack Backup 9.1 (D) of the repository ModMyi. With him on the device will load the package BytaFont 3. In order to see all icons from the set Emoji9, open BytaFont 3, go to Swap Mode > Emoji to choose EmOji_iOS 9.1 and wait for respring.

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