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How to migrate from Windows Phone to iPhone

According to close to Microsoft sources, the company intends to cease production and sale of smartphones. This will happen at the end of June, when Microsoft will end the current fiscal year. If you decide to migrate from a Windows Phone, then the best choice for you is the iPhone.

Of course when you change the platform do not want to lose important data including apps, photos, music, contacts, etc. unfortunately, a special tool to move from Windows Phone to iOS (like Android) does not exist. But there are cloud services that you can use without repercussions to switch to iPhone.

To download iTunes

ITunes is a universal media player, Manager and synchronization service. It allows you to send large files, create backups and eliminate errors — in General, is an indispensable tool. Mac computers come with iTunes preinstalled, but if you are using Windows, you must download and install the program.

Download iTunes for Windows.

Contacts, calendar, email

Smartphones are the main means of communication. They allow not only to call family and friends, but also to correspond with friends, to organize information about upcoming meetings and events. Therefore, when switching to another gadget, it’s important to transfer your contacts, emails and calendars.

Apple greatly simplified this process. Save all the data in your Microsoft account. Then open the Settings app on the iPhone, find the item “Mail” –> “Accounts” –> “Add account”. Next, select Exchange or and follow the instructions.

After the account you just added, make sure all the data you want to transfer on the iPhone marked. Now the information from your Microsoft account will be loaded into the corresponding iOS app.

In addition, you can use the Outlook app on the iPhone for email management and calendar.

Download Outlook for iOS.

Photos and videos

We recommend not to transfer old photos and videos on the smartphone. Most likely, on your previous device you used microSD for storage, and iPhone support memory card is missing.

It is best to backup these files on a PC or in a cloud service. Perhaps you have already activated the download of all photos and videos to the cloud OneDrive or Dropbox. If not, then it’s time to do it.

In the future you will be able to keep there pictures with the iPhone. To do this, simply install the appropriate app from the app Store.

Download OneDrive for iOS.
Download Dropbox for iOS.

Don’t want to use cloud services? Then you can just transfer files to a PC using the cable. If you have a computer with Windows 10, you can transfer them via the Phone Companion app or File Explorer.

Mac the situation is more complicated, as the Windows Phone app is no longer available. If you installed it on your PC, you can use it. But this method is not suitable if you have already updated your smartphone to Windows 10 Mobile, as the latest version of the system is not supported. In this case, you will have to use cloud services.


Microsoft develops cross-platform applications and services. All popular software such as Skype, Word, PowerPoint and Excel available in the App Store.

Download Skype
Download Word
Download PowerPoint
Download Excel
Download OneNote
Download Xbox One SmartGlass

Music and video

A collection of his music you can transfer from computer to iPhone using iTunes.

If you have used the services Microsoft Groove Music, Spotify or Deezer, you can also download from the App Store.

Popular applications

The App Store has many different games and apps, so any problems with the search for analogs of Windows Store will not arise. Moreover, in the Apple store there are a variety of programs that are not available for the mobile platform Microsoft.

I hope that these tips will be useful for those who have decided to go with Windows Phone on your iPhone.

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