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How to make “smart” apartment with a budget of 20 000 rubles

There are two options for creating a smart home. First complete automation of a house or apartment at the stage of repair. To implement this decision will require a budget of at least 80-100 thousand rubles and the involvement of specialists.

The second option is the creation of “smart” home with ready-made solutions and separate devices: a “smart” light bulbs and sockets, motion sensors, door opening, leakage and other. This option allows you to automate some of the functions in the apartment. The solution is flexible and relatively small budget.

In the publication worldiot have collected the most affordable solutions smart building in the Russian market for the second option.

Redmond SmartHome

Smart devices Russian company Redmond are affordable and easy to install. There are no boxed solutions, but there are separate devices for the automation of the apartment – smart sockets and socket for the light bulb reed sensor opening doors and Windows, motion sensor, intelligent camera surveillance. All of them are compatible with iPhone and iPad, and support wireless interfaces Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. The cost of one device from 699 to 3990 RUB.


Rubetec Russian company, founded in 2010, offers packaged solutions and individual devices of the Internet of things (IoT) to create a smart home – motion sensors, door opening, gas leakage, smoke, smart socket with a dimmer or with a metering and others. For operation of smart devices requires the control center (included in kits) and Rubetek application that runs on mobile devices iOS and Android. Devices communicate with each other according to a communication Protocol Z-Wave. The cost of the kits – from 9900 to 18400 RUB, control center – 8300 rubles, smart devices – from 790 to 3890 RUB

Life Control

MegaFon presented the ecosystem of devices for the smart home Life Control in early 2017. The project offers ready-made kits for home automation worth up to 21 000 RUB or create in the designer’s own collections. In addition to smart light bulbs and sockets, as well as smoke detectors, motion, leak and open doors that have sensors air quality and plant care. The center of the smart home is a wifi router with a screen, camera, ability to work from the SIM card and self-powered. The system supports communication protocols ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth. The mobile application runs on iOS or Android. The cost of the control center 8890 RUB, smart devices for the home – from 1550 to 3990 RUB.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Home

Products for smart home Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi presented a set of Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Kit and individual smart devices. The list is regularly updated. Updated version where you added the smart socket and the temperature sensor and humidity, you can buy in online shops or on AliExpress for 4600 RUB Devices communicate among themselves via the multifunctional hub of communication Protocol ZigBee. The app is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. The cost of sensors and smart lamps Xiaomi Yeelight Mi – 700 to 1500 rubles.

For fans to create electronic devices with their own hands and program, on the Russian market there are a couple of interesting solutions.

nooLite Set Maxi Kit

With a set Maxi Kit, you can create a system for wireless control of lighting and appliances in the apartment. NooLite app runs on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Open API allows you to embed control code in a native application. The cost of a set of about 23 000.


The kit contains an Arduino Uno, the cables 22 electronic component to experiment with a smart home and a book by Jeremy Blum “Exploring Arduino: tools and techniques of technical magic.” Buy this set it is possible for 4990 RUB

Products of the above brands allows you to simply and quickly make the apartment smart lighting, smart appliances, to prevent fire and leakage, improve safety. But there is one drawback – lack of compatibility with third-party products. Perhaps with the exception of the company rubetec whose smart devices support work with some producers of solutions for the smart home – FIBARO, Philio, Electrolux and others.

When choosing a brand, think about and compile the most comprehensive list of features you want to automate. As the saying goes “measure twice, cut once.”

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