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How to make rounded corners in the style of Galaxy S8 iPhone

Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6 and Xiaomi Mi Mix started the fashion for rounded corners. In the Android ecosystem it has become a trend this year.

The intent of the producers, the rounded corners of the display device mobilnomu give a special charm. iPhone can’t boast of such a display. But everything can be fixed with unofficial add-ons. The solution proposed by the creators of the jailbreak package S8Edge.

The advantage of the program is that if the user wishes to obtain rounded corners of arbitrary radius on your iOS device, the money for this request. In the case of S8Edge we are dealing with a completely free package that does not limit the user.

The functionality of the tweak is quite simple. The main screen displays a switch button and two slider. The first is responsible for the activation of the rounded corners, and Rounded Corners and Edge Overlay for the radius of curvature and the level of transparency.

To add to the above? The development will be especially appreciated by connoisseurs of design Samsung, among whom users, I think, not too much. Anyone wishing to get rounded corners like the Galaxy S8, it is recommended to download.

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