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How to make a call to an extension number iPhone

Many organizations use an extension number that allows them to connect subscribers with numerous divisions and specialists. The extension number is a numeric identifier assigned to a specific line. It consists of two parts: the basic number and supplementary, which connects with the right person or Department. How to call an extension number with the iPhone, later in our statement.

Usually, the extension number is administered after completing the call, using the numeric keypad. But if the numeric identifier is known in advance, you can call immediately. In order to use the extension number for your iPhone, enough after you specify the primary phone number, press and hold the ‘ * ‘ button on the dial pad. After a couple of seconds it will change to a comma, and you can specify the extension number.

In some cases, a multiple extension numbers. On the iPhone they can also be separated by a comma.

Sometimes when you call station can connect you wrong. If that happens, do not have to terminate the call and re-enter the room. You should contact the respondents and ask him to switch you to the right Department or employee.

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