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How to listen Apple Music and not to expend web traffic

Apple Music – streaming service designed for online listening multimillion-dollar collection of tracks from my iTunes collection. Despite this, the tariff plans “honest” unlimited Internet is still relatively rare, so you’ll want to save some traffic using the greedy service.

Apple Music allows you to save songs, albums and playlists on the iPhone or Mac for further listening without Internet connection. This function will be very useful if you keep track of your mobile MB. So first of all you will need to include on your devices iCloud Library, you can then proceed to further steps.

On Mac

Start iTunes and find the album, song or playlist that you want to save it on your computer. Click on the “dots” to the right of the name and select “add to My music”. After that, switch to the My Music tab at the top of the iTunes window – the selected album or playlist will be there.

In order to download the track, click on the iCloud icon (cloud with an arrow pointing down) next to the selected song/album/playlist. In the same way you can download to your computer any content from Apple Music.

If you want to delete a song (or album, or playlist) from your computer, click the right mouse button and select “Delete download” from the context menu.

On iPhone

With the Music app on your iPhone even easier. Run the application and browse for a song, playlist or album. Tap on the icon with the three dots to the right and you will see the drop down menu. Select “Make available offline”. This will add the selected item in your music collection and download it to the device.

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the iPhone will automatically download all the tracks and you can listen them without Internet connection. It is worth considering, however, that all downloaded songs are on the device so you change web traffic free space on your iPhone.

Music added to your library will appear in the “My Music” on all devices tied to your account in the Apple of Music. Download songs on every gadget manually.

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