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How to leave the dock in OS X, only the active application

Dock – one of the most pleasant and comfortable items in OS X. Many developers are still trying to do something similar on third party platforms, a vivid example is the most commonly used desktop OS – Window.

But among a large number of Mac users happy with this element of the interface, there are also those who dock is not very important. For those who want to simplify the dock in OS X, there is a great option, allowing to remove from the panel all unstarted app and leave only active.

In order to do such, need a Terminal to execute a few commands.

Step 1: Launch terminal from the Utilities folder.

Step 2: Paste in the Terminal window the following command:

Type defaults write static-only-bool TRUE

Step 3: Restart the dock by typing:

killall Dock

Step 4: Close The Terminal.

If you want to take it all back, then start a Terminal and type: type defaults write static-only-bool FALSE; killall Dock.

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