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How to know the number of recharge cycles of the battery iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

No matter what features your iPhone or iPad if its battery something is not right. Unfortunately, even the correct handling of the gadget and comply with all instructions may not protect the battery from degradation over time and loss of the tank. It is not always clear is whether your battery is in good condition or requires replacement.

As we know, not all batteries can get to consider, especially in the case of Apple gadgets. To begin with, pay close attention to the speed of discharge of the battery. Cheerleaders must loss of two percent or more from and, of course, rapidly discharge to zero in a few hours. These signs that the battery will soon be goodbye.

To know the number of recharge cycles the battery can without having to jailbreak. Need CoconutBattery ( – a universal utility for macOS. When you connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and run it, you will receive all the necessary information. Select the iOS tab Device, and here you will find information on the number of charge cycles of the battery and its current capacity. If the indicator of the total capacity is much less than the figure in the original, it’s time to change battery (battery is based on lithium lose 20% capacity after 500 to 1,000 cycles).

Note that there is no need to fully discharge the battery before recharging. Li‑ion batteries Apple work cycles. One cycle is complete when you’ve used charge similar to 100% of battery capacity, and is not necessarily the amount of energy received on a single charge. For example, you can use 75% of battery capacity during the day and during the night to fully load it. If you use 25% of its capacity, the amount of previous consumption get 100%. Thus one cycle is completed in two days. The cycle can be completed and a greater number of days.

That is, if you fully discharge the battery and again charge it every day, the battery is able to operate “like new” for almost three years. Older models are designed for 500 and 300 cycles. When the gadget to be recharged for approximately 10-20%, it will not be considered a complete discharge and will increase the number of cycles.

Do not overheat and do not SuperCool your gadget, try to charge it on time and the battery will last you a very long time.

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