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How to install torrent BarMagnet app on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

These days torrents are one of the most popular protocols of the multimedia content. We use torrent-clients on the Mac, owners of Android devices can freely download them to smartphones and tablets, and iOS making jailbreak and installing the relevant tweak from Cydia. But what about those who have no opportunity to hack into your iPhone and iPad? Such users also can upload torrents, for example, using the BarMagnet.

How to install popular torrent app on iPhone and iPad without jailbreaking, you can see from the instructions below.

How to install the torrent app BarMagnet 10 on iOS without jailbreak

Step 1: to set BarMagnet on iOS, a must download IPA app the link. Unzip the file BarMagnet 1.9.2.ipa.

Step 2: One of the following methods BarMagnet upload on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Xcode (Mac only): How to install any app on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak
  • Cydia Impactor (Mac, Windows, Linux): How to install any apps on iOS without jailbreak

Step 3: once you have the desktop icons appear BarMagnet, you need to allow launching the torrent client. Otherwise, the screen will display a message stating that it is unreliable developer.

Step 4: a solution to the problem is simple. Go to menu General –> Profile or Main –> Manage device. Find the name of your accounts. Select it in the list and click Trust, then Trust.

Step 5: Now you can run on your device BarMagnet. The application can be used as a terminal for remote torrent downloads.

In order to download files, go to settings, click Edit and add the address of your torrent server. Specify the server settings, and click Save. After that, find the link in the browser on the torrent and copy the address. Then go back to the BarMagnet. Click the “+” in the upper right corner and in the window that appears paste the URL.

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