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How to install the update Adobe Flash on a Mac (safe method)

Distributors of Trojans on the Mac often use notifications to update Flash player. Thus, they are able to force users to install on your computer malicious software.

Typically, the user opens the page in the browser, which referred to the need to update Adobe Flash. In 99% of cases it is a fake. If you see such a message, do not agree to install any software and just check whether updates are available Flash. This can be done in the following way.

Go to System settings. At the bottom you will see the item “Flash Player”. Open it and go to the tab “Updates”.

Click “Check now”. If you are using Safari, the system will check for updates NPAPI plugins, if Chrome – PPAPI.

If Adobe has indeed released the update, you will receive a notification. Thus, you can be sure that installing the update from a trusted source, and it is malware.

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