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How to install on Mac screen saver in the form of Apple Watch face

Apple Watch is primarily a high-precision chronometer. The device can do everything that needs to be able to traditional timepieces. Dials Apple Watch presented in a rich assortment, and each one of them deeply and thoroughly adjusted to all tastes and preferences. The screen can display clock, weather, sunrise and sunset, change the color, detailing minutes, seconds and milliseconds.

Developer and fan of Apple Watch from Denmark Rasmus Nielsen has created a thematic screen saver for Mac. Lovers of standard illuminations smart hours Apple offered an appropriate screensaver for Mac. Virtual chronograph is offered as a free download on the website of the designer.

I must say that the Apple experts have thoroughly worked through every screen saver. Thanks to dial “Movement,” for example, you can check the time displayed on the background of flying butterflies, floating jellyfish and flowers drop. One of the flowers for the Apple Watch has been photographed more than 24 000 times for 285 hours (11.8 hours).

Nielsen has proposed five options for screen savers, by name dials on the Apple Watch: Business, Simple, X-Large, Chronograph and Normal. For each option, you can choose suitable color.

How to install Apple Watch screensaver for Mac

Step 1: Download screensaver Watch OS X 2.0 from the developer’s site at this link.

Step 2: Unpack the archive and run the file”Apple Watch.saver” by double click.

Step 3: Confirm installation screen “Only for this user or For all users on the computer”.

Step 4: under “desktop & screensaver” from the list, select “Apple Watch” and set the time of automatic start drop-down list “Start after”.

Step 5: to change the screen saver, click in the sidebar and then Watch OSX saver Settings.

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