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How to install Kodi on iPhone and iPad with iOS 9 without jailbreak

iOS 9 brings to mobile devices a variety of useful innovations. Along with standard and well-known improvements the platform has received the support of the Sideload function. Owners of iPhone and iPad can now download devices any apps without the App Store without a paid developer account.

The integrated development environment Xcode 7, you can install on smartphones and tablets software of any type. This means that it is not allowed to App Store content has become available to everyone.

Extras users the ability to install popular media player Kodi, known until last August as XBMC. The latter was created as a media center for the first generation Xbox game consoles, but later released on desktop platforms as well as iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

How to install Kodi on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, bypassing the App Store:

Step 1: Download Xcode 7, and files Kodi.deb and iOS App Signer.

Step 2: connect your iOS device to your Mac, launch Xcode, create a new application and name it Kodi and type a unique ID.

Step 3: In the Team select an existing team or enter the Apple ID settings. If there is a button that says Fix, press it and skip errors with the profile.

Step 4: Roll and launch Xcode iOS App Signer. Click Browse and double click on the file, Kodi.deb. Select Signing Certificate and Provisioning Profile and press Start. On your desktop appear file Kodi.ipa.

Step 5: Open Xcode, click Window in the menu, then Select Devices.

Step 6: Select your iOS device, press “+” and select your file Kodi.ipa.

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Step 7: Kodi App will be downloaded to your gadget.

Kodi advantage over its peers is native support for hardware encoding/decoding with scaling the image to fit the display. This component is so flexible that allows you to broadcast to your iPhone or iPad uncompressed video at 1080p with virtually no loss of frames.

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